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Onstage Designs

We are an Interior designing firm that has gained reputation for its excellence in providing a package of services ranging from concept to execution. We are highly committed & dedicated team of professionals who possess experience, talent and zeal to provide you a place which is not only a delight to the eye but also a comfortable and practical solution. We have gained vast experience in handling large and small scale projects that have required an exploration of ideas.

Colour Talk

Colour Talk is a professional painting service offered by Onstage Designs Pvt.Ltd. Till date more than 85,500 sqft of painting job has been executed for customers who have availed the service and experienced a delightful painting service. Objective of is to provide a professional, hassle free painting service for homes/commercial premise. The service also offers a range of exciting themes and special texture effects to enhance your home/office walls & create an ambience to your liking. Read More

Onstage Events etc.

Onstage events etc, offers a complete event solution delivering results to brands and their owners. We are proud to take on the onus of building brands & brand values by acting as brand custodian.. Onstage Events etc is lead by a young and dynamic team having vast experience on consumer behavior, brand planning & its activation. To support the ideas to take shape and deliver results a strong network of associates/suppliers contribute to the same.

Onstage Designs Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 2008


To capture the human behavior and translate into lifestyle living by designing concept based interiors


To be recognized as the most unique and human friendly concept designers

The way we think

We believe that designers have a real responsibility to try to improve our lives. For that reason, interior design is about more than looks; it goes more than skin deep.


The way we work

We are client centered, and their involvement in the design process is very important to us. This means that the design evolves almost in the manner of a portrait painting; it becomes a reflection of the client and their needs, dressed with the thoughts and ideas of the designer. We work closely with you in order to give practical expression to your ideas. We push ideas beyond the obvious, making sure that we look at all the possibilities before deciding which the right solution is for you. And we still try to make the whole process fun for all involved.

Good interior design really can lift the spirit and make you feel good.


  • Onstage designs is a great interior designing firm to work with. They present choices but respect your taste and in the final decision, lets the client choose. I am thrilled with my new home. Sanjay’s characteristics of patience, enthusiasm, efficiency, artistic design and creativity make him a fabulous choice as an interior designer. Contrary to what other people have experiences with such a major undertaking, my experience was a most gratifying one. The completed work exceeded my expectation

    Ms. Neesha Bukht

  • Recently, we had the great privilege of working with the owner of Onstage Designs Pvt. Ltd., Sanjay Ahuja, as he under took the challenge of enhancing & re-designing our offices here at Mainframe, Royal Palms, Goregaon, Mumbai. We found him to be an exceptionally motivated young man with great talents in his field. Sanjay was approachable and thus vary easy to work with. He was filled with great ideas and attention to detail. Since we are a Post production company, it was very important to us that our project stay within our budget. He very effectively managed the costs and schedule, all the while insuring that the project ran smoothly. The end of our project yielded very good results. Our staff is happy with their new surroundings and visitors regularly give compliments on the décor. An opportunity to have Sanjay work on a project for you should not be missed.


  • After procrastinating for over a year to decorate our new house, a friend recommended Sanjay with Onstage Designs. When Sanjay came to our house for the first consultation we knew right away He had excellent taste and fully enjoyed his job. We had so many ideas about what our home should look like but had no idea where to start! Not only did he help us pick out the furniture that would work for our space, He paid attention to all the details such as colours and lighting fixtures that would pull it all together. We love the atmosphere of our newly decorated home and I will be recommending Sanjay Ahuja to anyone looking for interior design help.

    Mr. Neerav Gupta

Sustainable Products

We are committed to environmentally sound designs. We believe that a dynamic relationship exists between the health of people, the buildings they inhabit, and the environment.

So, where possible we specify safe, healthy and renewable products in our designs. This policy encompasses a diverse range of products, from natural paints to sophisticated lighting and heating control systems, for example. Products which are manufactured at least cost to the environment, and which help to conserve non-renewable resources whilst in use.

  • Design Advisory Consultation
  • Full Project Management
  • Fixed Fee Design Projects
  • Concept / Schemes/
    Sample Boards
  • Window Treatments
  • Styling
  • Vastu
  • Signages

Design Advisory Consultation

'Tap into our extensive design expertise' and gain ideas and inspiration - from choosing a paint finish to furniture layouts to storage solutions to complete schemes for your entire home

Full Project Management

of interior design project from concept to installation (function, form, build, finish)

Fixed Fee Design Projects

(for example, a living room)

Concept / Schemes / Sample Boards

Coming Soon

Window Treatments

from proposals to finished product


we put the finishing touches to a single room or your whole house.

  • Room layouts , Lighting Plans
  • Sourcing fabrics, wall and floor coverings, furniture, light fittings, accessories and artwork.


Vastu Shastra, has come a long way (thousands of years) since it was first composed by sages as the Scripture for Construction. The big open spaces and peaceful existence of humans in tune with nature have been replaced by small homes, cluttered spaces, artificiality and materialism.

Whether you have a one-bedroom studio or a one acre-mansion, you got to do Vastu. It is for everyone, who wants to improve his / her life. It simply betters your life.

The world seems to be on the fast track. With the new emergence of fast paced, stressful life, there has been a growing interest in the restoration of the old Vastu theories to seek harmony in life and work.

The non-believers call it a myth, superstition, and some sort of a wacky theory. They believe that such outdated theories do not have place in today’s world of modern science. For the believers, Vastu is a science with well-researched studies in physics, ecology, health sciences and other aspects of nature that govern our life.

Vastu stresses the correct placement of the home, rooms in it and the furniture to channel the positive energy and eliminate the negative energy. The correct placements can lead to well being of the residents and help them gain good health, wealth, prosperity and happiness.

The power of Vastu is present through - what appears to be - visibly absent. It is an invisible energy, created by natural forces, cosmic energies, magnetic and gravitational force and the effect of the five Elements of the nature.

At Onstage Designs, we specialize in practical solutions. Our Vastu recommendations are building code compliant and mindful of plat restrictions.


1. External

2. Internal

3. Directional

4. Fleet

One company, One point of contact, One consistent result

Onstage Designs Pvt. Ltd. is fronting up with an entire signage specifically designed for your business. The support you will receive will allow you to concentrate on efficiently running your business, with the peace of mind that there is team, dedicated to looking after your brand, when you need it.

Onstage Designs seeks to impress their clients every time they do business, with a forward thinking attitude, we are a creative company that will get YOU noticed.

In today’s increasingly competitive world, signage is a critical business tool, whether you are running a nationwide business or small trade based company.


1. External

Fascia systems, Monoliths, shop frontage, Building wraps, illuminated, LEDs, Neon

Enjoy the opportunity to consider all the options for external signage. Onstage Designs is committed to making sure your business is seen, and seen correctly in the market place.

  • Trust in Onstage Designs’s experience to specify long lasting materials that stand-up in the future
  • Priority to public safety and conscious of weather tightness are never negotiated
  • Visual communication of concepts to ensure collective understanding
  • Lighting solutions that save money through technology developments
  • Latest high-spec digital printer with access to hundreds of media options to maximise individuality and be seen


2. Internal

Wall displays, Frosted glass, Reception signage, Digital wall wraps, illuminated, LEDs, Neon

Bring brand presence into the business environment that reinforces your messages and backs up your product or service offering. The entire range of tools and ideas to increase sales and maximise customer satisfaction.

“An entire range of tools and ideas to increase sales”

  • New ideas designed especially for your business
  • Visual communication of concepts to ensure collective understanding


3. Directional

Way finding, Directional signage, Floor graphics, Health & safety

Perception of organisational skill and professionalism will be enhanced by good directional signage, fast tracking client confidence and approval.

“Fast tracking client confidence and approval.”

  • Improve client satisfaction and staff interruptions by communicating cleverly with signage
  • Businesses have an obligation to provide adequate health & safety signage. Simply talk to us about your needs as we will help you comply with the rules and regulations


4. Fleet

All types of fleet signage including machinery & graphic

Improve awareness of your fleet out in the field with signage that reinforces your brand and loyalty to existing customers and works to develop new customers.

  • Proven reliability and quality in the hard NZ conditions
  • Stay flexible and advertise monthly specials or promotions using short life cost effective media
  • Backup support – Damaged vehicle or changed phone number, etc.... All vehicle graphic information can be reproduced exactly as the original. No time wasted or business lost
  • Major influence through brand consistency that really echoes’s visually to customers and all other potential new business

“No time wasted or business lost.”

  • Residential Apartments
  • Bungalows
  • Gyms & Spa
  • Service Apartment
  • Corporates Offices
  • Educational Institutes
  • International Projects

Residential Apartments

  • Prabhadevi
  • Parel
  • Bandra West
  • Kandivali East
  • Borivali East


Mr. Joshi's, Ahmedabad

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Gyms & Spa

  • TalwalkarsBetter Value Fitness Pvt. Ltd.

Service Apartment

  • Talwalkars Training Hostel.

Corporates Offices

  • HSBC BPO, Malad
  • HSBC Corporate Office, Andheri
  • PRIME FOCUS, Malad
  • office, Bandra
  • Social Media, Bandra

Educational Institutes

  • Billabong High International School - Santacruz
  • Billabong High International School - Malad

International Projects

Glass creations (Uganda, Africa)

How does colour talk undertake & execute painting job at your home/office -

  • As an interested prospect, you may contact colour talk on 98200 49090
  • Our Relationship Executive will understand your requirement, interest in the service and schedule appointment for a site visit
  • An Associate along with the applicator/supervisor will visit your home/office on the appointed date & time,
    • He will understand your painting requirements
    • He will share the various products and painting systems available and suggest recommended options given your need
    • He will conduct a thorough site evaluation to understand present condition of the paintable area
    • With your consent, he will get measurements done for the chosen paintable area
    • He will finalize Painting Estimate as per the measurements, painting systems chosen and the standard rate card
  • Our Associate will take your approvals & handover all points discussed with you so far, before start of the actual painting job
  • The associate will initiate the job, with regular supervision by the Supervisor
    • The Supervisor will set a work schedule in consultation with the applicator for the job and share with you, this will provide the timeline for the completion of the painting job, in a phase wise manner
    • The Supervisor will supervise and ensure the quality of painting is as per recommended guidelines and the painters are taking due care of things apart from painting - eg. Covering and masking of non-paintable surfaces, ensuring a clean job, taking care of furniture and fixtures etc.
    • The Supervisor may also advice you on suggested shade choices, usage of special themes
    • Post completion of painting the Supervisor will ensure professional handover of the site to you post required cleaning
  • Post completion - the final invoice & warranty card with a validity of 1 year on paint & application will be issued to you
  • During or after the painting process if there is any problem faced, you may get in touch with our Relationship Executive on 98200 49090 or mail to


Advantages of choosing Colour Talk

  • On call facility
  • Hassle free painting service by professionals
  • Proper evaluation of site done before starting the painting job
  • Suggesting right product post site evaluation
  • Wide choice of specialty themes and texture finishes
  • Professional colour consultancy
  • Transparency in measurement
  • Covering & masking of household items
  • Skilled & trained painters
  • Regular site supervision by Supervisor
  • Post painting cleaning work done
  • 1 yr Warranty certificate – handed over in 10 days post completion of painting job, the warranty is given by Colour Talk on product application & is valid for 1 year from the date of completion of painting.


    A good painting job will make your home/office come alive. You would go through some desolation and hardship while the painting is in progress. Some simple precautions and small steps can ensure that your walls keep looking new for a far longer time.

    • Most wall paints (like emulsions and washable distempers) are washable. This means they can be periodically cleaned with mild soap water solution. However, stubborn and very old stains are difficult to remove from the film.
    • Cleaning can be done at least 2 weeks after application of finished coat for removing the dust collected on the surface.
    • Special care should be taken for the passages, kitchens and children's rooms.
    • Every month keep a day aside to clean the walls. Use a sponge and mild soap solution and lightly scrub the areas that have stains. Heavy scrubbing may result in permanent damage to paint film.
    • In case there is an incidence of severe staining (like spilled food) clean the walls immediately before the stain dries up.
    • Children's rooms are likely to get dirty far more quickly than the rest of the house. Hence it is advisable to get a single coat of paint done every two years or so. However one must ensure a mild sanding of the surface with emery paper 400 for making the surface conducive for fresh paint application.
    • Check your walls periodically for signs of paint flaking or peeling. This could be the first signs of water leakage or seepage problems. The moment such problems are noticed, get a contractor to look at the problem area. If the problem is localised (only occurring in specific areas) and the source of water seepage is detected, have it rectified immediately to prevent water seepage to spread further. This might mean repainting of one or two walls. Ignoring the problem however will aggravate the matter and will turn out to be much more expensive later.
    • The enamel paint on the doors and windows exposed to sunlight loses its gloss over time. It is a good practice to apply a single coat every two years to keep them looking fresh. However one must ensure a mild sanding of the surface with emery paper 400 for making the surface conducive for fresh paint application.


Please contact us for a free appraisal / quote. Nothing is too big or too small for us. Write to us with a little detail and we'll take it from there.

  • Contact Person: Mr. Sanjay Ahuja.
  • Address: G-5, Ground Floor, "MUKUT" Building, 20-B
    Next to Bandra Talao, S. V. Road, Bandra West,
    Mumbai 400 050. INDIA
  • Phone: +91 22 3064 8082 / 09821932292 / 09820049090

Please feel free to email us.